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California Will Lead The Way.


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If we 'really' want 'change' in our country we have to hope California can lead the way out of cannabis prohibition.


The positive effects that will occur once Prop 19 is passed will FAR outweigh ANY negative issues.


It would mean the 'beginning of the end' of the War on Drugs at least as it effects the lives of cannabis users here in our home country.


If you have friends in California please get them to vote... and vote FOR Prop 19.


I am!




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California is a strange wonderful place with interesting human beings dwelling there. The masses, as Plato observed, are incurably ignorant. However, in this one example, the mass consciousness in California correctly chooses to stand for individual human rights. At least in this one instance, they are doing an awesome thing while serving their fellow beings.

Bravo California people. I salute all brave individual humans who will vote to protect the individual human rights of your fellow beings. Californians should be encouraged and emboldened by us whenever possible, if we talk to any friends or family out there, whatever we can do to promote this cause we might want to do it now...

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I don't think it will pass. Lots of folks that are for legalization are, after reading the actual bill, coming out against it. I have not read it yet but have heard that this form of legalization hurts the medical cannabis laws.


I believe those that fear damage to 'MMJ laws' are primarily those that have set themselves up as 'suppliers' of MMJ and DON'T want their 'incomes' messed with.


A person ALWAYS has to look at as MANY sides of an issue as possible before making a desicion on it, and the 'positives' of passing Prop 19, I believe FAR outweigh ANY negative effects.


Yes, once Prop 19 passes the 'politicians' and 'legislators' in California, as well as the REST of our Nation will HAVE to get off their A** and help define a smooth way for carrying out the VOTE of the 'people' of California and eventually the Nation as a whole.


JUST as is happening HERE in Michigan now that our MMJ law has been passed by our voters.

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