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Good topic (and info): Does Certo (Fruit Pectin) Really Work? (for passing a drug test)


While we're waiting for the results of the Captain's sample (gotta love the smoking baby), I'm going for some Certo liquid to mix with grape juice for the rents (combined age of 188 years) as part of a liquid nutrient rich diet fashioned in homage to Gerson.


I was getting hooked on Canadian Sun Rype products from Costco, 100% fruit plus fruit pectin. I started on the the diced berry blends (all with apple) but when those ran out I then got unintentionally hooked on Squiggles. Soon, you're up to your eyeballs in Squiggles wrappers. You're offering them to people. "Have a Squiggle!"


In Seinfeldian Buddhist teachings, Newman feasts on alleged non-fat yogurt only to have his heavenly world of illusion shattered by serendipitously contested lab results that ultimately prove otherwise. Use caution, follow your instincts and indulge only in moderation.


I mention this because my most recent blood test revealed that I had doubled my HCV viral count while liver enzymes levels continued lower, one in fact normal. This is after 16 months treating with cannabis, with the exception of 4 weeks detox at 9 months.


Prior to starting cannabis, liver enzymes were maintaining consistently high levels with a viral count nearly in the double digits. After treating for 6 months, enzymes dropped dramatically and viral count reduced to 1.5 million, the lowest level even before the drug treatment almost six years ago now. Lost 18 lbs and have kept it off without rigorous exercise, just chop wood and carry water. But why 3 mil viral count this time?


Maybe it was the AMMONIA smelling bud? Instinct tells you something's not quite right. Tightly packed dry buds look good, even through a pocket microscope. The vape taste is humorless and the first couple draws are better ejected. Otherwise, the rest produced a rather steady hell bound train sort of modus operandi. Most sources suggest that an ammonia smell (when you put your nose in the bag or jar and take a connoisseur's whiff) indicates the presence of mold and bacteria - even though there are no visible signs of contamination. Commentary in cannabis forums suggest airing the bud overnight, in an acid free box (last part mine). That did help.


Then, too, someone using a Gerry Garcia photo for their avatar wrote that there was a Super Silver Haze chemmy/ammonia phenotype, was very high yielding and therefore a desirable pheno, and so on. Anyway, never again for me, even if it's charity.


And I could easily assume the immune system drop on that, except for reading the EWG database page I found on Pectin:



Not sure if the immune response research studies were based on moderate consumption or strictly associated with the notorious dry pectin dust ingested by workers - or rats fed large amounts. One industrial pection production techniques includes an ammonia bath, I think, although you can make pectin easily at home without any chemicals. Nonetheless, here's a trusted source with Squiggle squishing evidence - though no products containing pectin were fingered in the studies, either. So often we need ask ourselves, "Do I feel lucky?"


All the other evidence suggests that natural pectin is symbiotically bound to the axiom "An apple a day," yadda yadda. It takes out the trash, the heavy metals the body accumulates, and so on. It helps fight arthritis pain, cancels out a positive drug test (we hope), and even provides a superior glue for rolling cannabis joints!


'Fruit Pectin Chelates Heavy Metals and Facilitates Drug Detox':



Pectin As Herbal Supplement/ Folk Medicine:



Pectin Arthritis Remedy:



Adding Texture and Perceptions to Drinks:



Uses such as Rolling Paper Glue, Jelly Beans:



Regular Pectin consumption though, in moderation within the cannabis treatment regimen, seems like a good idea if it helps the body naturally to continuously detox. But watch for signs of a weakened immune system. And adequate amounts of pure water consumption (half body pound weight in ounces per day) is another recommended protocol. One more I might add is taking Milk Thistle with Dandelion capsules daily. It will protect the liver and promote bile production which in turn helps breakdown fats. It's a weight loss secret, probably. Dandelion is a mild diuretic and provides balance in Chinese medical terms. Stands to reason that following a regular body cleansing protocol will perhaps offer a better chance at passing those random drug tests the giant passes out.


Would like to hear from anyone with experience using the Certo & grape juice arthritis remedy, or Pectin anything. Or anything, anything.


And Good Luck!

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Thanks for your input. I will try adding some pectin to help with my arthritis. I also may need to detox, maybe get out any heavy metals, etc. I have used milk thistle and dandelion and need to get back on it. Way too much inflamation and arthritis lately, more than the past few decades. I appreciate your help and posting these links concerning this important subject. Thank you, my friend.

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