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Looking For Mm Attorney In Sag, Bay, Midland Area


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Sorry that you need an attorny.


I used one out of Bay City years ago. I'm sorry I can't remember his name, but I got it from the NORML state site.


He was VERY good, and I remember him yelling at the Judge! This was when MM wasn't around.


He was a young guy, and drove a '63 Chevy.


Wish that I could be more help than that.





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In alphabetical order I would go with Matt Abel or Michael Komorn. In the case of an attorney the local guy may be great, but if your nearest compassion club or clubs aren't all singing the same local name, then run to the best reputation who will accept your case wherever he (she) works from.

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same answer. you travel for the best odds of your surviving surgery, that's why feds publish breakdowns of hospital mortality so you can go to where you most likely will outlive the procedure. Attorneys are rated by their peers in volumes held in libraries and updated annually, and on web sites. Also ask cc clubs. But local means diddly. Reputation/skill/judgement says it all when all you want is advice, different than a trial lawyer where you want a jury turner. The first divines what a court will likely decide on a given set of facts, the latter is a spin artist/performer who puts his client in the best light and at best, endears him to jurors, makes him seem righteous and persecuted.

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