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Letter: Medical Marijuana Law Had No Detrimental Impact

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Well said!






By Brian Mansberger


For the record, I consider most marijuana use not to be a criminal act, but rather just a criminal waste of time. Despite my personal lack of interest in marijuana, I feel I must comment.


Because of the number of loopholes that exist with the current Michigan medical marijuana law, I have read viewpoints expressed by judges, policemen and politicians about how this is “bad” and how this poorly-written legislation has effectively legalized marijuana, and that we need to rewrite the law and/or tighten restrictions on it.


But my question is this: Where is the crime spree that was promised if we legalized marijuana use? It seems that the crime rate has been very stable and steady, despite how “poorly-written” this law is.


The answer — which they refuse to accept — is that effectively legalizing marijuana has gone almost unnoticed and has been no great detriment to our daily lives.


Let’s tax it like any other vice and start making some money for our poor state, and continue on with our lives, never revisiting this dumb issue again.

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