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Schutte Speaks

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LANSING – Bill Schuette took charge of the attorney general’s office today with a vow to make public safety priority No. 1.



Schuette, 57, was sworn in by childhood friend U.S. District Judge Thomas Ludington on the steps of the state Capitol in Lansing under a bright sun that peered through clear January skies. Schuette’s wife, Cynthia, and children, Billy, and Heidi, stood at his side as he raised his right hand and recited the oath of office.


“Today is morning in Michigan, the first day of a new year, and a fresh start for Michigan,” the Midland Republican told the crowd.


At the inauguration ceremony for Schuette and Gov. Rick Snyder and others, four Michigan Air National Guard A-10 Thunderbolt aircraft flew overhead in honor of fallen members of the military. A 19-cannon salute reverberated in the air with each boom, echoing off downtown buildings.


Hundreds of people gathered on the lawn of the historic building turning the wet ground into mud that had been covered in snow.


“People want a safer Michigan,” the conservative Republican said, and less government, less taxes, less spending “and more paychecks and more freedom.”


Schuette’s brief remarks followed those of Snyder, Lt. Gov. Brian Calley, and Secretary of State Ruth Johnson, all Republicans.


Each told those assembled near a giant Christmas tree covered in lights in front of the Capitol said the state has confronted serious economic hardship, but a new era has started to reinvent Michigan.


“There are better days ahead for Michigan, folks,” Schuette said.


The former congressman also served a state senator, appellate judge and director of the Michigan Department of Agriculture before his latest post.

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Part 2




MIDLAND — If businesses or organizations violate the law, Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette said he's coming down on them like a ton of bricks.


Schuette, of Midland, was one of three speakers at Friday's WakeUp! Midland event — a monthly breakfast meeting put on by the Midland Chamber of Commerce.


In the question-and-answer period of the event, Schuette was asked to comment on the relationship of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Michigan's Attorney General's Office.


The Michigan Attorney General's office and the U.S. Department of Justice filed an antitrust lawsuit against the insurance company in October. The lawsuit aims to stop BCBSM from its alleged use of anti-competitive "Most-Favored-Nation" clauses in reimbursement contracts with about half of Michigan's hospitals. The Attorney General's office argued it gives the insurance company an unlawful advantage over other insurers.


WakeUpMidland 053.jpgAndrew Dodson | Booth Mid-MichiganMichigan Attorney General Bill Schuette addresses a crowd of more than 320 people at Friday's WakeUp! Midland event.

Schuette said the case is a clear example that his office is going to run a tight ship.


"We're going to make sure, not just with health care, but any business — private, a combination, a non profit, public, whatever the function — if you violate a statute in the state of Michigan, I'm going to come down on you like a ton of bricks because that's my job.


"My job is to defend and protect the constitution."


Schuette said to a crowd of more than 320 people Friday that his office is going to work with business leaders and take a broad look across the board to ensure everyone is in compliance.


"If you violate the law, there are consequences — whatever business it is — there is integrity in the public trust.


"There are not going to be any more Kwame Kilpatrick's in Michigan."

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