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Prospective Caregivers

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I recently started my search for a qualified caregiver I have spoken with many qualified individuals and a lot more that have no idea what they are doing. The other day I was speeking with a fellow that wanted to take me on as a patient. After bragging about what he grows and how much he pulls, we got dissussing the "ground rules" and amounts needed per month when I told him what I typically use per month his reply was "well your just gonna have to use less with me" and it would take 2 months for meds to be avalible to me. This cracks me up because anyone who is a established caregiver with 8 strains growing with 5 strains avalible that can brag about how much they pull but can't supply their patient with a whoping 2 oz every month shouldn't have the privilge of growing at all. Needless to say he isn't my caregiver and just goes to show how quickly people will attempt to take advantage of your situation. NOTE TO ALL PATIENTS if you are looking for a GOOD caregiver make sure you shop around. This is still a new enterprise for scandles. Also, remember it is a open competitive market you don't have to settle with anyone that you are uncomfortable dealing with if the quality or prices just aren't right for you don't sign on. There is always someone with better meds and lower prices looking for patients.

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