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Holland Michigan - Mmj And Wooden Shoes!

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by Andrea Goodell, The Holland Sentinel, (Source:Holland Sentinel)

writeNewsItems();Regional NewsUS MI: City Examines Medical Marijuana Regulations


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US MI: Challenge to Michigan's Medical-Marijuana Law Raises Privacy Concerns


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US MI: Rochester Hills Extends Moratorium on Medical Marijuana


US MI: Adrian Township Imposes Medical Marijuana Facility Moratorium


US MI: Hearing Delayed on Medical-Marijuana Case After Compassion Clubs Objects


US MI: Editorial: State Needs to Clarify Medical Marijuana Law


US MI: Council to Consider Ordinance to Put a Six-Month Moratorium on Medical M


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13 Jan 2011

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Holland, MI - The city of Holland could have any number of rules regulating medical marijuana caregivers within its borders. The planning commission, Tuesday, discussed three possibilities: regulating caregivers as home occupation businesses, type I home businesses or businesses allowed only within the commercial or industrial zones.


The Michigan Medical Marijuana Act passed nearly three years ago by a public referendum and allows patients to possess up to 12 plants or 2.5 ounces of marijuana and caregivers ( for those who cannot grow their own medical marijuana ) to serve up to five patients.


The commission seems to be steering clear of regulating patients.


"I don't believe it's within our right to do that. I think it's a violation of privacy," Commissioner Jerry Tonini said of patients. "I think you're going to drive it underground even more."


Other commissioners want to implement no local regulations, but rather ask the state legislature to fix the law they see as fatally flawed.


"I don't think we should be doing anything. I don't think this has anything to do with planning commission," Commissioner Jerome Thomas-Kobes said, adding he, other commissioners and the city should send letters asking the legislature to "clean up this quagmire they created."


Most commissioners want a form of home occupation business licenses for caregivers. The question is how much to regulate them and how much the city is allowed to regulate under the state law.






The Planning Commission will conduct a public hearing Jan. 25 on whether to extend its medical marijuana moratorium another three months. The moratorium bans dispensaries and limits households to one caregiver.



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