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State Of The State Address - Published January 20, 2011

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I haven't had a chance to read all the way through this entire "outline," yet, but, from what I have reviewed of the publication/plan, I'd say, if nothing more, this sure begs for further "consideration" of the planned approach.



Here's an excerpt of the report published on the Michigan.gov web site, in PDF format:



2. Outline of Report


• Steps/tools needed to drive the Reinvention of Michigan. Culture change is critical.


• Present a Report card so can benchmark work ahead.


• Present a Roadmap highlighting key areas that our administration will target.


• Participation from everyone. Path to a bright future is based on all of us

contributing to the solution.


• Start with the specifics of economic development.


Simply put --- Job One is Jobs.




"Culture change is critical."


What the ___ does THAT mean?!


Well, I sure DO know what I'd LIKE it to mean ...


But, when it comes to "Government-Leadership" .....


Well, need I say any more?











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