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Global Marijuana March

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I'm planning a march in the UP (escanaba) and need to know what kind of permits if any should be needed? I plan on going to the city monday and talk to them about renting the bandshell for the day and holding a free concert highlighting local acts, I was going to ask about a parade permit but doubt they will shut down mainstreet for a marijuana march,lol.


I am 98% sure though we have the right to a peaceful protest. so even walking down the sidewalks there is nothing they can do right?


We are going to meet at Nuggys tobacco shack and walk about 15-18 blocks (about a mile) down main street to the park. get to nuggys at 12, leave 1:00 pm get to park and the concert starts at 2-6 (not sure might be later).


so far there is 60+ rsvp on FB 30 might be going not to mention once the word gets around and flyers this might get big!the one in canada there was like 20k, it's on youtube they just walked down the street. i think i would need a parade permit for that, but if we get 1,000 people were gunna need the room and i dont think they will try and stop that many people,lol




any tips on going about all this? never done nothing like this and I dont wanna screw it up, hope to do it every year.



also thinking about getting connsesions stand or two to go down but not sure if i need insurance for somthing like that.


the concert is all free, I got donations from local shops to pay for everything, should cost much since bands are free. bandshell is $75 the day.



I got word yesterday we are now on the list :) dana beal is locked up in WI, iowa county though. not sure if there gunna be able to get posters out this year so we might have to do flyers

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