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Learning To Be A Caregiver


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This patient needs advice on soil growing for four patients she will be CG to three family members. Will our experienced multi patient caregivers who grow in soil help her out with your advice please she already produces a nice quality cannabis but now she'll need to produce more.


Good Health





From: "Louise xxxxx" <rocketmail.com>

Date: Wed, Feb 16, 2011 6:56 pm

Subject: Medical Cannabis (Marihuana)





I have decided after having a experienced cannabis cultivator look at my garden and having another patient tell me what I grew worked for them I want to learn how to be a caregiver. Three family friends have asked me to be theirs and I told them that I still have a lot to learn but they are willing to work with me. So here it is. I grow only in soil as close to organic as I can get and have area 8' long 5' wide and with 8' foot ceilings, will need to cultivate enough cannabis to produce four usable ounces a month.


Thanx Darlin'



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