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Questions Regarding Marinol


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I am in severe pain, i have not recieved x rays yet but it goes from my back all the way down the side of my leg to my ankle. I currently see a chiropractor and while it helps it doesnt seem to relieve pain. I do not want to be on vicodin or oxycontin or any of those harder pharmacuetical drugs. I am wondering if i went to my doctor how hard of time would it be for him to prescribe marinol for me?

I am on probation and no longer able to use my medical card. If i have a doctors prescription though i would be golden. I am in the greater grand rapids area and i am looking for a friendly doctor to help me out. I dont wanna feel like i am doing anything wrong by requesting specific drugs. I had a toothache once and i told the dentist i wanted the strong strong vicodins and he acted like i asked for the holy grail and said when patients ask for specific drgus red flags are raised. I am 6'5 and some low mg vicodins wouldnt have done the trick, i had a horrible dry socket infection. I am just looking to get something that wont make me groggy and will help me get a nights sleep. As it is everytime i turn over i wake up for a moment from the lower back leg pain.

I read that while marinol is mainly for cancer and aids patients it is widely used to treat back pain as well.


Thank you for your time.

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