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What Qualifies Oneself For The 25 Dollar State Fee

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you sure do....just make a copy of your MI health card to get the reduced fee


Good Luck and Welcome to the board


just make sure you have all the correct documentation for the reduced fee because if you dont they will send back the app requesting 75 more buckaroos



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hey that sucks, I want my money back... last year when I sent in to get my card my CG overpaid and sent MDCH $125, vs the $100.


Now I had MIHEALTH at that time and I have it this year just got my new card before I had renewed, Think the state will reimburse me? they never metioned that extra $25 bucks last year doubt they will send me a 100 back huh?


I think I'm gonna have to call MDCH AGAIN!!...


Trix :bong2:

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