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Election Commission Oks Wording For Snyder Recall Petition

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yi; Ok here's our opportunity knocking get the word out.



http://michigancitizensunited.org/ posted this warning on their web site




The first instances of possible sabotage are already occurring in the form of posting false petitions online. On Friday April 29th annarbor.com posted a download-able .pdf of a scanned recall petition. Please be aware that NO online petitions are valid. NO petitions will be made available for download. If you sign one of these false petitions your name can also be removed from the genuine petition. The genuine petitions will have a union stamp on them and will be printed on both the front and back sides. More details on this identifying mark later. In the mean time, NO petitions are available until it is noted on this site.






Election commission OKs wording for Snyder recall petition


From The Detroit News: http://detnews.com/a...n#ixzz1KvM1yBjj


Ann Arbor— The Washtenaw County Election Commission today approved the wording for a petition to recall Gov. Rick Snyder, despite reservations from one of its three members about the clarity of the petition language.


The recall petition submitted by Michigan Citizens United was approved in a 2-1 vote. Tim Kramer, a spokesman for the group, said he is pleased with the decision but not sure how soon the petitions will be printed and begin circulating.


Lansing attorney John Pirich, representing the governor's office, urged the commission to reject the petition language.


"Not only is it not clear in our opinion, but it's clearly misleading about events that have not occurred," Pirich said after the hearing in the Washtenaw County commission chambers in Ann Arbor.


The recall petition accuses Snyder of taking away authority and funding from local governments and school districts, hiking taxes for low-income people and seniors while cutting them for corporations, and obtaining the power to break legal contracts.


Washtenaw Chief Probate Judge Donald Shelton, who chairs the commission, said under state law the accuracy of the statements made in the petition are not for the commission to decide. The commission is only concerned with whether the wording is sufficiently clear for both voters and Snyder to understand it.


Shelton and Clerk Lawrence Kestenbaum said the believed the language was clear. The third member of the commission, Washtenaw Clerk Catherine McClary, said it was not.


McClary said it contained misplaced commas and she had concerns about subject-verb relationships in certain sentences.


Pirich said after the hearing he didn't know if he would appeal the decision to circuit court.


Snyder lives in suburban Ann Arbor and recall petitions are filed in the elected official's county of residence.


Michigan Citizens United is trying to raise $250,000 for the effort and must collect about 807,000 valid signatures to trigger a recall election in November.


"I think it's going to be pretty tough," Kramer said after the hearing. He said the group wants to collect far more signatures - 1.1 million - in order to withstand challenges, and "that's a lot of signatures to get."


Snyder spokeswoman Sara Wurfel said when the petition was filed, Snyder would remain focused on reinventing state government to benefit all Michigan residents.


Michigan Republican Party Chairman Robert "Bobby" Schostak strongly criticized the recall effort after the recall group's treasurer, Gail Schmidt, who works for the Michigan Education Association, filed paperwork with the Secretary of State that included an MEA fax number. A spokesman for the teacher union, Doug Pratt, said the MEA is not connected with the recall effort, and Schmidt later filed amended paperwork that deleted the fax number.


Michigan Citizens United, which describes itself as a grassroots organization independent of any union, is using social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter to recruit volunteers.




From The Detroit News: http://detnews.com/a...n#ixzz1KvM9Xo5s

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Recall Governor Rick Snyder


The momentum is picking up...


Rally in Benton Harbor on May 7th, 2011. The parade starts at 1:00pm. We are asking everyone to please meet at 200 East Wall Street in Benton Harbor no later than 11:15 am.


It is extremely important that our protest be non-violent. It would be ideal if we can wear all white to show our solidarity with the people of Benton Harbor. Wear comfortable shoes and bring rain gear just in case, Thank You.

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