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Couple Qualification Questions

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Hello, recently I have been researching marijuana and it's usage in the treatment of insomnia. From what I understand, Michigan doesn't recognize insomnia as a symptom worthy of medical marijuana. I have had insomnia for as long as I can remember, and I have tried multiple remedies. Is it possible for a doctor to allow this even though it isn't officially recognized? If not, I do have back and elbow pain that I could use as a symptom, but I have minimal medical records. I have been to the doctor once about my back and once about my elbow. Is that enough medical history?

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Guest Medicinal Patient

Welcome to the 3MA Right_Away!

If you take any medications for your insomnia that causes nausea that is a qualifying symptom. Some drs will allow you to fill out a pain chart and that is sufficient enough if you don't have medical records. Drs can't accept notes more than 3yrs deep last I knew. Dr Dave Crocker is a great Dr if he works your area. Google Michigan Holistic Health. Good Luck! Hope you join us in Lansing May 25th

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Hey Right-Away,


I would recommended calling or having a doctor visit. I attended Medgrow in Southfield, they have a good internal medicine doctor that would see you and be the best source to tell you if your condition qualifies, pm me if you need any help with contact info.


When in doubt go to the Doc I say, there are some nice calming meds out there, so from that part it would be a good fit.


Warm regards,



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