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Phd Dissertation On Strain Preferences Varying By Medical Condition

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Can we have a discussion about what strains work better for which medical conditions- and why?


I have a friend, of a friend :rolleyes: doing his PhD dissertation in sociology (interviewing and surveying medical marijuana patients) on the issue of cannabis strain preference in various medical conditions. Actually the strain preferences is just one of his 15 research questions so I guess it is more precise to say he is doing 1/15 of the PhD dissertation on this question.


Did you know the academic literature does not even acknowledge that different strains could have a different effects that just might be more or less beneficial depending on the qualifying condition. They don't even acknowledge that marijuana is a palliative- much less a valid treatment so we should not be surprised.


What I have been able to gather (and I have only interviewed a couple of people so far) is the concept of daytime and nightime bud.


More CBD's (Examples: Purple Kush, and late harvested plants) give the nighttime bud and couch luck. This is good for chronic pain and nausea and are associated with Indicas.


Fewer CBD's and more THC is daytime bud (Examples: Bubble Gum, Blueberry). This is useful for muscle pain and spasms, and a host of psychosomatic problems(depression, etc) and are associate with Sativas.


What strains do people use for wasting syndrome (that is- which strain causes the MOST munchies), or for inflammatory problems like hives I have no idea but for munchies I will weigh in on Apollo.


BOTH the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have to approve any marijuana study in the U.S. involving people actually using marijuana AND here is the kicker- the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) is the ONLY supplier of marijuana for research in the U.S.


Get this: The BEST NIDA weed is only 8.37% THC and it varies down to less than 1% with no reports on CBD available. :thumbsd:


He argues in the dissertation proposal: "Purveyors and consumers of various medical marijuana strains can find up to 30% THC levels with 12.5% potency commonly available at dispensaries. In short, the “best” and most potent marijuana available for medical research would not even be accepted for sale by most medical marijuana dispensaries."



If anybody can add anything to what I have said I would very, very much appreciate a discussion on what strains people think works for them in light of their medical condition.


I will be the first: I have a vestibular disorder that causes nausea. I always preferred the couchlock over the nervous laughing high- and now I know why. Since I have been using medically for my nausea I find a strain like purple kush, or any old thing with some bubble hash mixed in helps an awful lot. :goodjob:

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Guest Happy Guy

Kyle Cushman's Strawberry Cough helps asthma symptoms. It lowers inflamation in the lungs and stops lung spasms. At the same time it is an expectorant that brings up flem which cleans the lungs. It is a good breathing treatment when used in a vaporizer.

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