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Renewal Fees?

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Look at the link at the top that says Community, then down to Downloads. That will give you the forms and the fees associated.

I believe the renewall is $100.00, but a change form is only $10.00.

You lost a card, but it coming time for renewal anyways, right?

Me personally, I would just send the renewal with the new information. It takes anywhere from a few weeks to almost 4 1/2 months to get a card to your home once the State has your money and info., so you might want to send it early anyways.

Just my opinion, so you need to get more advice and do what you think will be best for you no#12. I hope you find the information you are in need of and please let us know if we need to give better answers. I will try anyways.



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good morning all,


does anyone know if the renewal fee to change address is 10 dollars as a lost card is that, also as some know coming close to renewal for enviromental ease should I just process everything at one time?


To re-cap, I would send the changes and renewal at the same time, but maybe some others have some advice?

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what is to early? when we some patients have to weight months before cards our even received. This becomes even harder to understand when some people associated won't even talk or present there gifts without you even having a card to show vs. necessary paperwork, this must be an issue for the individual because of confidentiality I forgot where the posted topic even was located.


Hopefully that made sense, I am with abilitys which means disabled<having a disablity]myself but intellectually couldn't fathom why any issue could be a result of to early of a renewel, or alternatively a new address update. As such I am very interested to see the feedback of the MMM community

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I am not sure when is too early. I haven`t sent in a renewal yet but the guy I was talking to told me that it took a while for renewals and that his original card expired before he got his new 1. I said " Well I will just send mine in earlier than." That`s when he said they make you wait until a certain time before your card expires before you can send in your renewal. I don`t know the truth behind this so maybee someone who has renewed could chime in. Hope that helps. Peace, Afi

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Gama's other half!! Waste no Time!!! ...At Lesat 30 Day's before the re-new Date,.. the sooner...the better so one take's any chance's!!!!...Paper work!!...We Are paper work freak's!!...And want "NO" Patient to be without their Meds!!...Just My Opinon!!....Peace!!

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