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Dustin Norris Federal Case

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It was suggested by John Targowski, the attorney for these two defendants, that this may be of interest to many patients and caregivers in the Grand Rapids area who could help by attending the trial...


"Just wanted to give everyone an important case to put on the collective radar.


I represent a registered patient and caregiver named Dustin Norris who was recently indicted in federal court for growing in Eaton Rapids, along with a codefendant named Corey Hathaway. Norris has an initial pretrial conference MONDAY morning 5/9 at 930am in front of Federal Magistrate Judge Carmody at the Grand Rapids federal courthouse. The address of the courthouse is 110 Michigan St, NW Grand Rapids 49503. Judge Carmody's courtroom is on floor 6. It is open to the public.


The basis for the charges are a bit murky, but appear to focus around a cooperative grow operation involving all registered patients and caregivers and no indicia of diversion to recreational or inappropriate users. I will have more information about the circumstances next week, but have already seen enough to realize the indignity of subjecting my client to a potential 5 year mandatory minimum for growing medicine.


For those who wish to populate courtrooms with activists, this may be one of those cases where the Feds have clearly overstepped their mandate and may be ripe for publicity. I have attached in pdf the copy of the indictment. Please share this email accordingly as needed."



John T.

indictment on Targowski case.pdf

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