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Indica Seedlings $2 Each Pick Up In Detroit

pic book

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This is Monday May 9 and if I can figure out how to delete this post I will when they are all sold, or I put have them through the grinder--plant, potting soil and plastic cup. My helper was planting seeds in bathroom Dixie cups and dumped all the seeds from the 12 seed company's bags into one cup and when I asked him what he was doing he said 'planting'. So I know the seedlings (between 3 and 6 inches tall) are one of 12 indica strains. I'll either sell them at $2 apiece or compost them darn soon. You pick up in Detroit. They are in potting soil in 2-inch plastic Dixie cups and they need to be transplanted soon as they will root bound real quick and can you believe it? This is not how I want to use my legal plant count. Of course, the way to bet is half males, half females.

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