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Looking For Compassion In The Downriver Area


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I have been a member here, almost since the beginning. I do have experience growing, and I do have some "Magic Beans". I suffer from Chronic asthmatic bronchitis. And have well documented chronic back pain from three herniated discs. I lost my career of thirty years after being terminated for excessive medical absences. I am unable to work, and am currently entangled in the bureaucracy we laughingly call "Social Security". 90% rejection rate and 18 to 24 month for an appeal definitely does not provide any form of security. I have lost my home to foreclosure. I packed everything I own (including my garden equipment) into my mothers garage, and moved my family into my mother's house. Only to have it burn down and destroy everything I own. With the expiration of my AFLAC coverage, I have been without money, medical treatment, and pride. I now survive on the compassion of friends and family. Being without medical treatment, donated prescriptions,unfinished antibiotics, steroids, and inhalers keep me alive. Occasionally I am able to score small amounts of street schwag to relieve the constant pain from my back.

I have read on here, about caregivers so compassionate that they are willing to pay for patients recommendation and certifications. And also provide them with free meds. This would be a godsend for me. Please understand that this is not my ideal situation. I have never asked for charity, never collected unemployment or much less welfare. But my desperation is obvious.


Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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