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University Of Michigan Supports Telemedicine !


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As some of you may be aware, I was recently recertified by Dr. Bob via Skype, in a process called "telemedicine".


I am very pleased at the process and posted on it.


Some of you are questioning the validity of Dr. Bob's Certifications/Recertifications via Telemedicine.


Some of you may question validity of Telemedicine to begin with.


The University of Michigan is strongly involved in this procedure. Here is a snippet of information from their own Telemedicine Resource Center:


"Are certain populations particularly in need of telemedicine services?


Rural areas have been targeted by funding agencies as most in need for telemedicine services due to lack of access to specialty care. Rural patients are not the only ones who may benefit from telemedicine though. Any patient with access problems or for whom travel is inconvenient and/or difficult may benefit. So too may providers who travel long distances to see certain patients or to hold periodic clinics.....".





So if the UofM is into Telemedicine in the BIG WAY it is, Dr. Bob is in good company !!!!!!


Dr. Jinx

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