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On Probation With My Medical Papers---Help!

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Hello! I was caught for possession of marijuana in Ypsilanti, Michigan a few months ago. I since obtained my medical marijuana papers and am now on probation. My probation officer says that she needs a note with a doctor's letterhead stating that there isn't an alternative method to treating my condition at this time.


I have a condition called scoliosis, which is a curvature of the spine. I experience tremendous back pain every day. I know the only alternative to marijuana is pain killers, which I want nothing to do with. Besides the fact that pain killers have worse side effects than marijuana, my family has a history of addiction (to pain killers and otherwise). I want nothing to do with this method of treatment, and I think that any logical person would agree that marijuana is the best alternative at this point. Are there any doctors that anyone knows of that can help me out? I need help as soon as possible.


Thank you.

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