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Looking For Teen/mom Plant

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Have seedlings but I'm anxious to provide meds to my patient and looking for someone who has a mom they need to get rid of. Don't have much to donate but may be interested in a flower ready plant too. I'm only looking out for my patient. I'm paperwork legal and only looking to deal with other paperwork/ cardholder legal pts or cg's.


Hope someone can help

me out. I've recieved nothing but help on here so far.



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Any particular strain? I have some teens/ flower ready plants I would condider letting go of for a small donation for my time and expense growing them. There would also have to be a gentlemans agreement that you will not pimp them out by selling clones for a profit to anyone and everyone. If you can agree to this request then we can work something out... These strains have been selected meticulously and are the very best phenotypes. Bug/disease/hermaphrodite free...


Pineapple Express

Headband aka sour kush

I live in the W.M. Area...PM me if you are interested.

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West Michigan on Google comes up as either 238 or 521 square miles. Got a county? That might narrow it down to only 90 or so square miles. You're doing business not puzzles. And by the way, patients have to wait. They will push you as CG (once they have decided you are the answer to their supply problem). Most are unrealisic; assume that same month they register and sign with a CG their 12 plants will produce a harvest. Really!

The drill is until your check's been cashed 10 days ago I cannot legally put your 12 cuttings into the cloner w/o being overcount. They put out roots in 15 days, then veg 21 days, then flower 56 days, dry 10 days and cure 30 days(burp). So it is 132 days for a quick flowering strain to produce potent, mellow bud. How does this happen in one month? They army way? Make 9 women pregnant in hopes of having a baby in 1 month? You started with many young clones, but even adding teens or moms are going to require your patient to wait. For new patients of a new cG the law is designed so that both must wait. It is not just a learning curve--it's a growing curve.

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