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First Round Of Chemo

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Hi my friends...for those who i have not told in the chat room,i was diagnosed with stomach cancer at the end of april.the cancer has spread to my liver...not looking for sympathy but support!doing my best to beat this disease!


my first round of chemo went well ,but im prolly in for a roller coaster ride!


I wish i could go to the rally,but i have way to many dr appts...If I could go my sign would say something like this..



im fighting cancer why do i have to fight my govt too? :notfair: or something like that.


Anyway for those who are going to the rally give them hell and let our voices be heard!


also wanted to thank all the organizers of the rally and all the warriors :sword: who will be there,you know who you are! :bighug:


PEACE AND 420 :bong2: V420

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Guest thequietone

Sorry to hear of your cancer journey and yes the chemo will be rough. I recommend seeking out a cancer support group in your area. Being able to talk to others that have gone through the same thing helps. I belong to Gilda's Club in Grand Rapids and if you live close please join.

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Have you considered doing an alternative cure along side of mainstream medicine? Simpson oil is a given, but there are a number of others they may increase your chances. Here is a good site on cancer cures. Usually people seek alternative care too late, it should be started immediately. My prayers will be with you and your family.



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