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[TUTORIAL] Making Butter


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Submitted By: MyAeroponicsSubmitted On: May 21 2011 09:20 AMSubmitted In: Cooking, Medibles, and TincturesClick here to go to tutorial


One of the first things i do in the preparation is i have two separate strengths of leaves. The large less potent fan leaves and the clippings from the harvest which are really potent. I let the leaves dry in a paper bag, tumbling every day till crisp and fully dry. When I have a couple of ounces of dry leaves I take a coffee grinder and grind the leaves down into a powder almost. I will collect as much of the fine green and put into a collection jar for my future butter making.


I have a small crock pot, probably one of the smallest on the market. It has no dial just plugged straight into the wall. I will take one pound of non salted butter and let it melt. Once it is melted I will take 2 ounces or more, depending on how strong I want my butter, of my fine green and stir it into the butter.


Now I want to tell you that there will be a strong odor while cooking your butter for the next 24 hours. Occasionally lift the lid and stir throughout the 24 hours.


After 24 hours take your cheese cloth and place it in the bowl to hold the green material that we don't want in the butter. The cheese cloth is your strainer and works very well at keeping chunky material from getting in your butter. I just poor the contents into the cheese cloth and lift the cheese cloth up and out of the butter in the bowl. I then take a large spoon and wrap the cheese cloth and strain like a tea bag attempting to get all the butter.


I then take the bowl and put it into the fridge to cool and solidify. Done.


Now lets make some yummy peanut butter cookies. My favorite.


Take your favorite recipe that uses butter and bake. Moistness seems to be the issue when it comes to baking with cannabutter. So what i do for most of my baking recipes is always add more ingredients that have liquid. For example if it calls for two eggs I may put three in. If it calls for 1 1/2 cups of peanut butter i will put 2 cups in up to three. You will notice during the mixing process that the mix is a little dry and you will have to experiment. I can say that it is hard to taste cannabis in the things i bake and the taste is so good you have to tell yourself you can not eat another unless you don't want to leave the coach.


When i ingest one of my cookies it will take about two to three hours till the effects start to take. The medicine will last for hours and I have noticed it into the next day. So this recipe for the butter can be very strong depending on the weed used, type of cuttings and how much is cooked into the butter. I think two ounces of dry material measured in a measuring cup is a good base as to how strong you want to make it.


I am sure that cooking dried buds would make a cookie that would kill any pain and give you uncontrollable desires to eat, just no more cookies...lol

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