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C99 Clones Available


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Have limited supply of Dr Greenthumbs C99 available. Rooted in Rapid Rooter/Root Riot cubes, ready for soil or hydro.


3 mothers selected from a large group for vigor in veg, and performance in flower.


Yield is good, medicine is very pineapple fruity with very balanced Sativa personality.


Donation of $$ is recommended, $$ for four or more.


Will only talk to people with valid, legal cards, with matching ID, like I have.


Not looking for trades, only interested in trades for very elite genetics.


Flowering times range from 52-60 days.


In East Lansing area, but can travel.





No prices allowed in open forums.



Please pm this member for donation costs.:thumbsu:

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Your first post on this site and your selling clones.



My soon to be ex wife and I shared a common username for the last 3 years, I'm starting over.


With that past username, I've actually spoken to you about purchasing genetics before. I'll pm you. I can assure you I have

traded for, donated for, and received donations for genetics on here before, and I am a good honest person.Anyone who gets these from me is more than welcome to share the experience after pick up...



Take care,



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