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Giving Free Seeds To Fulfill My Obligation

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September 7 in Lansing I will be giving free seeds to someone who needs them. A year ago when I had dire need KruztyDJ gave me cc99 beans and asked that when I could, I pass on the good deed. So I need to give seeds free to someone greatly in need. PM me if you are in great need of a few beans AND you will be at the protest/march September 7 in Lansing, where I will hand them over (they are still drying). A note on cc99, an indica/c99 cross by KDJ. Super easy to grow, takes abuse and comes back for more, no odor during veg or flower, clones easily, OK at 56 days but at 71 will knock your block off and cause you to need to refill your snack supply. PM's only please.

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