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"city Beautification" Projects In Your City!

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Was sitting in my caregiver's backyard the other night talking with him and noticed 4 flats of flowers he had started for friends and family. Was thinking about an article I read in our local paper...




We were thinking about doing the same... so I'm just throwing this idea out to clubs/etc. for members like gardening, not just growing meds. If everyone could start a few plants of seeds in their rooms or on their patio's, get a group of volunteers and go out and plant them across their town/community. Not sure what it would take to get permits to plant natural, wild flowers, to beautify parks / beaches / walkways ... just something we started throwing around.


Bring it up at your next club meeting, it'd be a great way to give back to the community. I think we need more good PR going for the good things we can do as a whole, because the vast majority of us are in this for compassion. What's more compassionate than selflessly donating your time and energy to your community, and making it look better? Make sure to stick a sign in there "Donated by the Greenthumbs from the ...."

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