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Need A Dependable Caregiver - S.e. Michigan?

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Looking for one more new patient.. I am located in S.W. Livingston County.

Will travel in a 50 mile radius. I am a member of the Great Lakes Cannabis Society

of Caregiver through the MMMC. We pledge to grow high quality organic medicinal marijuana.

We also pledge to maintain our patient's confidentiality and provide dependable service.

In particular, I have been growing Cannabis Cup winners for about 19 months in a organic

soil mix. My patients are very happy and feel that the meds we give them really help to

alleviate their symptoms. We customize our grow to incorporate those strains that will best

treat our individual patients' conditions. Consequently, the majority of our patients have

been with us for more than one year.

If interested plz. e-mail - Skyhigh_Joanne@rocketmail.com or call 517-404-5146



Skyhigh Medicinals

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