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Need Clones....

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Anyone have any clones, PM me please. Been a legal patient since 5/09, waiting on my new card but I have all my paperwork and can show my old card that expired in 6/11. Sent in the PW two months ago but you know how slow the processing can be. I was going to the dispensaries but now, with LEO going after them it seems I will be starting my grow back up and I am in serious need of clones. I would really like to get my hands on some free leonard. I used to have this strain until my ex-husband killed all my babies while I was out of town. I'd also like to find some purple strains but really at this point I am not picky.


I just want to start back as soon as pos. as I am staring into the abyss again with no way of getting my meds now that the dispensaries have all closed...

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