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Stay On Target


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A very important person to me really needs this group's help.

(A close family member, who, for his privacy, I will just refer to as my hero.)


He lives out West where he has access to Medical Marijuana, and it has worked wonders for his condition.

The problem is, I want him to be able to come back home to Michigan to visit someday.

He usually comes here for a few months in the Summer, and he needs to be able to get medicine for his condition when he is here.


One thing I am learning about Medical Marijuana is the many ways it helps keep sick people from being isolated.

For instance, my hero has a condition that causes tremors in his hands, so bad sometimes that he has a lot of trouble using a computer. Medical Marijuana calms those tremors so he can type emails to his family without becoming so frustrated by tremors causing errors that he just gives up. It allows him to feel confident that he can do volunteer work, or work around the farm without his tremors holding him back. He needs it to help improve his quality of life.


I regret seeing some ideological or political debates here that seem to be taking our attention away from our shared goals.

I fear these non-productive discussions and disagreements may diminish our membership and weaken our collective resolve to fight for patients rights to access medicine.


This group must be united toward our common goal, with a clear and laser sharp focus.

We must all work together if we are to succeed in stopping the flood of legislation that will nullify patients rights.

And we must ignore the distractions of issues that are not part of our cause.


I hope that we can improve, because if we fail in our mission, my hero will not come back here next summer to spend time with his family, and tend to the old family farm.


Our opponents are eager to exploit any weakness they can find in our unity, and they would love to see us bicker amongst ourselves right now while they plot to overthrow our patients rights to access medicine.

It is of the utmost importance that we remember we are all on the same side here, we need to forgive and move on,

we need to focus our eyes on the prize, and most of all...


Stay on target!


And here you go...












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