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1200W Stadium - Coco Smartpots


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Here is my new grow thread. Today is day one of 12/12, but lets travel back into the past.


On October 12th I took 21 cuttings of C99 #3. The seeds are Firelight C99 F5s I got from Seedbay for $35. I stick my clones in 9 oz cups of coco soaked with 1/2 strength veg nutes. They get set on a heating mat under a single fluro tube about 18" above.


Here they are the day I cut them, day 1 of life.




Over the next 5-10 days they rooted and were moved under a 4 bulb T5.


October 24th, 12 days after cloning.





14 of them were to be transplanted up. I am using 2 gallon smart pots filled with about 75% coco with the rest perlite, DE, and rice hulls.


I always fill my pots a few days ahead and prewater them. Helps with a smooth transition.




I picked the best 14 of them and transplanted them October 28th. They also got hooked up to the blumat automatic watering system and put under a 600w MH at this time.


10/28, day 16.




Here you can see the clones that didn't make the cut off to the side. Being rootbound plus poor watering equals small plants.


November 4th, day 23.




And day 30 of life on Nov 11th.




I moved them into their flowering home November 13th. 1200w HPS hanging vertical bare bulb style. I will move them a bit closer to the lights and put in a trellis over the next few days.


So here they are, 32 days after being cut off their donors, and -1 day to 12/12.




I need to take the next round of clones from these, so I will do that in a week when I trim the backsides and sucker branches. Besides that and a couple light prunings mid flower these girls are pretty much hands off for the next 52 days or so.

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