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Bubble Bucket Grow


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I thought I would start up a grow journal of sorts just to put out some updates of whats going on.


A little info first tho. My father and I operate this grow to supply ourselves with medication. We stay within all plant/weight limits. The healing this medicine provides is astounding. So look at this grow journal as if its coming from two people instead of one :)


Ok, we run an all hydro setup, DWC not recirculating. Using Ionic Nutrients with Cal-mag supplementing that.



Mothers Active: AK-48 from Nirvana Seeds

Aurora Indica from Nirvana seeds.

We have two blueberry plants that we grew up from seed that we are about to take a clone from to get a mother of that. 2 regular seeds popped, 2 females. LUCK


First up are some pictures of the mothers. Now keep in mind the AK mother has been chopped in EXTREME fashion, and is in a recovery phase at the moment. What used to be a 50" tree/bush, is now a tiny stub. The root mass has to be continually trimmed on these things.






Thanks for looking!

Upcoming: some vegging plants and a few experiments.

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My dad and I always get some crazy ideas, and do some pretty interesting experiments in the garden. The picture says everything. Or goal was to completely remove the growing medium from the DWC setup, and just allow the plant to grow with nothing in its way. We have achieved this in two separate experiments.


First two pictures are our own strain, Bubblegumm Larry. The second is an AK-48.











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