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A List Of The The Misdeeds Of Our Attorney General


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Please add in whatever I have missed. Links to support the assertions are always appreciated :thumbsu: :thumbsu:


Attorney General Bill Scheutte:


1. Said before the MMMA passed that it would allow dispensaries; mercilessly pursued the closure of dispensaries after the MMMA passed says "these pot shops must close."


2. Sided with the federal government against the laws and Constitution of the State of Michigan as enacted by the people of the State of Michigan by agreeing with the federal preemption argument in the case of federal subpoenas directed at the State registry records (which are absolutely protected to the point it is a CRIME in Michigan to reveal the records- as was done with full support of the AG, who even filed briefs agreeing that preemption applied!).


3. Betrayed critical and absolute core conservative and republican party principles (see number 2) by damaging the cause of State's Rights. Health Care is a State's Right issue but Medical Marijuana is all federal? What?


4. Directed local DA's to file motions to close down all MM dispensaries.


I have missed a whole lot and provided no links so I will shut up now and hope to hear what you really think of our attorney general let the rants begin- and the links- begin now. :thumbsu:

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