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Asking For Free Bees


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This question is not about me by any means.


Ive been a member of a couple of forums in the past.Ive never seen it before so i figured id ask before assuming anything.


Is it considered ok on this forum to flat out ask for free seeds clones grow gear????.


Im not in any way asking so that i can do this.

nor am i looking to start anything here.

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Ive never been known for being PC.

I have been known to be compassionnate tho.

Like I said before..theres nothing wrong with asking for "assistance".

everyone has or will have hard times.

I was just making sure it was not taboo or frowned upon.

I can also say that this forum is a pleasent surprise.everyone ive talked to so far is open minded and willing to help.

I like it.my mind is filling with ideas on how I can help the community.


Thanks for all the replys.

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