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Medical Marijuana On Judiciary Docket

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Medical Marijuana On Judiciary Docket


Rep. John WALSH (R-Livonia), chair of the House Judiciary Committee, said a package of bills on medical marijuana would be on the agenda sometime in February for discussion.


An eight-bill package on various medical marijuana issues is pending in the committee.


Reps. Phil CAVANAGH (D-Redford Twp.) and Ken HORN (R-Frankenmuth) have been helping Walsh spearhead the investigatory efforts before the committee discussion begins, Walsh said.


"It will be a big item," Walsh said. "It will take several weeks I expect before reporting the bills out."


Walsh said the committee is focused on approaching the issue in a "fair and comprehensive way" to make sure people who are entitled to receive medical marijuana under the constitution can receive it. The main struggle is the distribution system, Walsh said.


Federal laws, in this case, are like the 800-pound gorilla in the room, he said.


"We have a constitutional right in Michigan. We also have federal laws that prohibit marijuana . . . period," Walsh said.


Before medical marijuana hits the docket, the Judiciary Committee will look at bills on topics including court reform and who can carry tasers.


Court reform bills pending in the committee would create more specialized services similar to the drug courts, which have proven effective, Walsh said. Courts that deal with certain topics help judges become a bit more specialized in their subject and that can help alleviate the burden on other judges, he said.


There is also a package of bills that would allow Concealed Pistol License (CPL) holders and reserve peace officers to carry a taser. One of the bills in the package would also extend restrictions that currently apply to CPL holders to tasers.





Bits And Tidbits


Jones Takes Drug Test

Sen. Rick JONES (R-Grand Ledge) answered a challenge from an op-ed and took a drug test today, the freshman Senators announced on his Facebook page today.


In a recent letter to the editor in the Lansing State Journal, an Eaton Rapids resident voiced his opposition to drug testing welfare recipients. In the same letter, the writer also suggested that legislators be drug tested before they receive their paychecks.


Jones answered that challenge today and took a 5-panel drug test, which came back negative for marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, PCP and opiates. Jones paid for the $38 test out of his own pocket.


“I firmly believe that anyone who receives cash assistance and has children should be drug tested,” Jones said. “I personally know of instances where children went hungry because their parents used cash assistance funds to buy drugs."


In response to various comments on his Facebook page, Jones offered, "I asked to be treated like everyone else. I had to empty my pockets and urinate into a cup."




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