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Campaign Slogan?


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I'm not a good one to carry thru things. But many of you ARE AWESOME @ it!!!!

Mr Matt Able said on a video I was watching....


I thought... OH YES, its ALL BEEN LIES! EVERY DARN BIT OF IT! We know it, THEY know it. But Joe Public MAY NOT KNOW IT??

So we start a campaign with the Matt Abel HEADER : "THE TRUTH IS ON OUR SIDE"

EVERY TIME LEO makes an AGE OLD LIE, such as, it will be a STEPPING STONE to stronger drugs, OR It will be easier for your kids to obtain.. ANY and ALL the BULL-CRAP they THEY have fed to the public over the last 80 yrs! EVERY TIME LEO lays out one of these FALSE LINES OF BS.... we counter it, OPENLY, and PUBLICLY (with Na-sayers name included)the LIE they tell and then.... THE TRUTH!

Hopefully this will help create enough noise that ppl will notice us Shooting Down, the big mouth Liars.. ESPECIALLY if we are choosy at who/which/what LIARS LINES we pick to EXPLOIT. Pick the biggies, the ones they get mileage on still, like stepping stone to bigger drugs, kids use etc.. take their BIGGEST LIES, and BLOW THEM SKY HIGH WITH.......... THE TRUTH! PROVEN TRUTH... we have it folks, its in videos (The UNION 4 example) and history. REALLY SOCK IT TO Joe public about how it became Illegal and WHY.. the WHY part is gonna blow their minds.. MONEY ok, that wont shock anyone...LOL But still, it was money and NO OTHER REASONS! MONEY & GREED! (that sounds like a guy in the AG seat? GREED & MONEY is bad Shootys real name!

Just an Idea, I fully believe if we can get the remainder of those that still believe their gov wouldn't lie to them, to listen and see the TRUTH, PROVE the TRUTH. They can NOT PROVE THEIR LIES! They will Gladly SIGN OUR PETITIONS.

EVEN IF....lol Im the only one that thinks this is a good idea (duh, naaa, couldnt happen....LOL) At the very least, its a darn Good Protest Sign!!...LOL THE TRUTH IS ON OUR SIDE... Peace & Love and to your Good health... Cannabis

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