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I Started My First Plants


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I placed my babies in my gallery as I couldn't get them to post here. Anyways I respect the people on this site for the insight and look forward to knowledge gained from your thoughts. They were just seeds 1-20, they hit solo cups 1-22. I became legal yesterday. Woot 21 days no letter cashed checked, and all the good stuff.

Back to story, My friend grew these while I awaited being legal. They were in african violet mix miracle grow, and severely rootbound. Poor things were way to deeply planted in the cup, as they hit the 1 gal pot and touched bottom. I did place them in #4. Seems to perked em a little.

I wasn't ready as of yet for plants, other then lights (not really but my t-12 6500 4 bulbs should work for a week till i get my hps setup), ph and moisture meter, space, and a few nutes.

This said I plan to let them adjust to these pots as I set up rest of needs.

Plans call for a bag of pro mix soil, worm castings, 4 5 gal buckets converted to grow pots, and a mat for them to sit on. I cant get the soil till the weekend as life is keeping me busy. I will mix the remaining sunshine soil and worm casing with the pro mix.



Seeing my pics appear to big to post, anyone interested can check the babies out in my gallery.


Anyways thanks all, and appreciate any insight you all have.

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I been sick as of late so no new picture updates for them. Will say they are coming along great considering. Fought a few bugs that came free with them as well, was bad enough I almost killed the plant and called orkin. Will be sure to update the pictures as soon as I can spend more time then just watering, then returning to bed.

I did manage to create a new home for them.

If anyone feels the urge to catch this dreaded cold, let me know, I will be happy to make someone just as miserable, if they wish. :lol:

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Thanks guys. I was debating on adding some to photo bucket, but well am a bit leery as well. If it wasnt for tor, I probably be reading more posts then even

attempting to participate.

I was going snap a picture and got my camera ready headed to the room, realized it was lights out. I been on 12/12 since this past weds so I can sex and rid the males. This cold has me forgetting stuff, I hate cough medicene I swear.

Anyways, I had a fairly good day my coughing was at a minimum, and had to pick my son up, (bonus he can drive once I pick him up, so I can nap, cough, and or try to clear my head of the cough medicene effect), so headed out and grabbed a few needed items for the plants. I am growing in sunshine mix #4.

I like the stuff, but keep in mind, it has no added materials, other then perlite and verc. Meaning it needs alot of attention to nutes. As I was in a hurry with this plants to rid the bugs,and receiving them as a surprise, I only added worm casings to the mix. I needed much more, like bat guano, some green sand, which would have shredded the bugs as well, and some oyster/egg shells. Hind sight is as always less seen.

This said keep in mind I need to add, to rid the plants of any bugs and such, when I transplanted them to the new soilI did as follows:

I washed all traces of the miracle grow soil from the plant roots.

They entered the sunshine soil, completely soil free.

I had built a room in my polebarn, prepped all my pots.

Now the pots are 5 gal buckets, 9 3/8ths holes on bottom, and 6 in the sides near the bottom, stones added to allow water to drain once it got near the bottom.

I grabbed each of the plants and begin bare rooting them.

As soon as I finished one, I ran to the new house I built and placed em in the soil.

Thank god was only 4 plants.

At this time I am sitting on 4 fraggles, I think 1 of them is male, I will know for sure in a few days. If the 1 I think is male, is, its no big loss as it was one of two that got hit hard by bugs. I had alot of trim work to do to keep any kind of green on the poor things. 3 kush I am using for the competition are under flourescent's in my closet.

I should add I am using a 1k watt mhs, I wont completely flower as I am only sexing at the moment, will change to hps as my ballast allows either when I go all out.

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I know the picturs are not the best so for that I apologize. Back to a crappy day snapped photo and am back to bed laying here with a fever.


Keep in mind these are not the healthiest plants I ever grew, matter fact, far from it. In fairness I inherited some problems from the beginning. So this said:

One of the better of the bunch




This is almost a twin of the first.



This one I think is male, as said dont matter much as it was also hit hard by bugs, I debate daily just doing the thing in.



This one, I have no idea why it lags behind the others so badly. It did have the same issues as the one above, but not nearly as bad as the first two. May receive a fast chop, as for now, it isnt costing me anything to keep it alive, so it can stay.




I found the urge to toss them pretty great, and almost did. Certainly glad temptation of doing so passed, though debating chopping the 2 sickly ones.

Leaf curl is becoming a thing of the past, as is the browning the leaves experienced. The 2 smallest ones I need to do so creative trimming to rid the bug damage.

One thing for sure, for just a weed, I am learning it certainly takes patience and some skill.

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