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Rep. Dillon Asks Speaker Bolger To Step Aside -- 1:04 P.m

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MIRS BREAKING NEWS: Rep. Dillon Asks Speaker Bolger To Step Aside -- 1:04 p.m.



Rep. Brandon DILLON (D-Grand Rapids) introduced a resolution today that formally asks House Speaker Jase BOLGER (R-Marshall) to step aside from his leadership position pending the results of an ongoing grand jury investigation.


"Clearly, the Speaker has failed to live up to his own demands for us and, as a failed leader, he should step aside from the post of Speaker of the House," Dillon said in a press release announcing the resolution.


But Ari ADLER, spokesman for Bolger, said this afternoon that Dillon's resolution "is nothing more than the latest in a series of misguided attempts by Democrats to turn the House floor into a political boxing ring."


"If Rep. Dillon truly cared about policy more than politics, he would have come to work and voted on election reform on Aug. 15 instead of skipping session," Adler added.


A one-judge grand jury is currently trying to determine whether Bolger or Rep. Roy SCHMIDT (R-Grand Rapids) broke any laws when they plotted to get a ghost candidate to run against Schmidt after he switched parties this spring.


Dillon's resolution is HR 316.

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