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Tapering Off Benzos Slowly To Mm

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Hi Folks,


I have two questions for the veterans here. I was here last year and got my license as I was a 40+ user of topical steroids and suffered serious withdrawals after cold turkey from it fall 2010. The only way to get off topical roids and I had an expert derm from California to help me. He has helped a couple thousand patients successfully withdraw but it takes the help of meds for extreme burns, nerve pain, itch etc.


I am happy to say I am now 90% healed from that and have my skin back!


The downside was the fact I could not afford mm and really liked the edible for pain and itch but being on a monthly check did not allow me to buy it. So, I had to use Ativan for the past year or so and of course, my body got dependant on it. I had no choice, the suffering was severe.


I tapered down to 1mg. after using 2 to 4 mg. every day and the withdrawals kicked in big time with headache, sicker that a dog, muscle aches, no appetite, anxiety to the max etc. I stayed with it for 3 days and then found the UK website by Professor Heather Ashton who gives a chart to follow for tapering safely and am doing that but cut my doses really small and today switched over to Valium after a two week taper


I will continue with that for the week or so she advises and try to get off soon but wanted to know if I can use the mm for the initial withdrawal and if it will help? I cannot do sativa but the indica gave me a nice body relief and wonder if it will carry me through any kickbacks after post-valium?


Sorry for the length here. My older sister is in her mid 60's and been on Vicodin for about 15 years or longer at bedtime for ruptures in her neck and back. I encouraged her to get a mm license and try to taper off the narcotics and she is willing but wonders if she can use capsules or edible while tapering and how often she would need the mm?


Thanks for any veteran advice here!

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Welcome joeyrs to the MMMA and to mm in general! A doctor I am not, but doctors prescribed many vicodin for years because that was all they had (besides surgery), and I can tell you that I was always sick and tired on those deadly pills, but have much new life using cannabis for my issues. All pills will harm or kill you if taken long enough, unlike many natural herbs and foods which can help us live a longer, healthier life through nutrion and natural methods that are not harmful or deadly like the pills. I do not like pills(have you noticed) but I have seen what they do first hand and I always say, check with your docor, research natural, non-lethal methods of pain control,(or your specific issues) and ease your way down that road, if that is what you (or your sister) decide to do, I say good luck, and pleasant healing to you!! It has been a blessing to me. My friend, I can tell you I have also no need any longer for cholestorol or blood pressure meds, or any pills of any kind at all, so look closely and decide what is best for you and yours. I am sure you will get a lot of better advice, so thanks for asking, and best of luck, joerrs!!


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Thanks for your speedy response B. I agree this whole drug epidemic is out of control and that is how I got into this mess. Why the feds want to fight the herb is beyond me..well not beyond but I won't go into that. ;)


I am for sure going to get some mm for the valium landing to stay off a rebound back to that beast. I know that tired and sick and tired feeling all too well.


My position is now moderator for two support groups for parents of overdosed topical steroid children as young as two months old to 78 year old people. They all "trusted" the trust worthy docs who took an oath to do no harm. Yeah...Watch out for the roids and warn others you may know using them.


I will see my sis next week and run some of the info by here and try to help her through to the herb land where the grass really is greener. Thanks much!

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