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New Michigan Medical Marihuana Program Applications Go Into Effect

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Applications changed without any fanfare, explanation; new forms available online



March 29, 2013.


Flint- New applications are now in effect for Michigan’s Medical Marihuana Program (MMP), including a complete overhaul of new and renewal patient applications, caregiver attestations and other forms.


This change came to light during a call-in segment of the Planet Green Trees Radio Show, broadcast Thursday evenings from 8 – 10 PM EST on blogtalkradio.com. On-air personalities commented on the form and the changes, including Michigan- Americans for Safe Access Vice Chairperson Jamie Lowell, Michigan ASA Public Relations Director and Compassion Chronicles Editor Rick Thompson, Birmingham Compassion leader Chad Carr and attorneys David Rudoi and Michael Komorn. You can listen to the podcast of the show in the embedded player below. Follow this link to find previous episodes of the Internet radio show.



Listen to internet radio with PlanetGreenTrees on Blog Talk Radio





Some of the new form fields are a product of an overreaching and manipulative administration at The Department of Licensing And Regulatory Affairs (LARA). Other changes in the forms are consistent with the requirements contained in the Walsh Bills, a package of four bills whose aim was the first alteration of the 4-year-old Michigan Medical Marihuana Act (MMA) and the public health code.


Read the rest of the mandated changes and see what significant changes were made without any mandate here:



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