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Vacuum Purging

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Hello everyone ,, my name is alex and i have been lurking around for a while and not really finding what i am looking for here or on other forums , so time to post


1) i would like to find someone other than myself who is making concentrates [specifically vacuum oven-purged BHO] in order to share aggregate data and techniques to help improve the quality of our meds 


2) locate patients, dispensaries or clubs that might be interested in my work


please feel free to contact me here if you would like more information 


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I'v been interested in vacuum oven purged BHO for a while. I want to set up a small sterile facility equipped with everything needed to produce BHO.. ventilation etc (its more of a long term goal really) as I have allot to learn, and a couple more pressing matters at hand., but Single pass tubes don't seem very efficient, I'm more interested in the closed loop systems, but i don't know how safe they are. I also find things go better if you start at the bottom and build you way up as your understanding of the process grows. I guess what i'm getting at is where should i start? Do you have any recommendations as far as start up equipment, safety etc.? I only have experience making a couple small batches in single pass tubes+warm water baths. From what i gather the oven/vac is a more thorough way to purge the butane correct? Can you explain the purpose and use of the vac a little? I hope you don't mind me picking your brain a little.. and thanks for any input. 

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yes , i suggest extraction experts , they make nice glass tubes and have a lot of extra bho stuff ,


 you can purge most out with hot water ,, but the vacuum is really a must if you make large quantities... its amazing how much is left trapped in there, and when fully purged , its much more smooth to hit it  .. but you can make really good smoking bho without a vaccum or an oven 


safety = OUTSIDE  , just keep it outside until all the liquid is gone 


skunkfarm research does have some info on the closed loop systems ,, but i don't have experience with them myself ,, and other than being cheap about butane , im not really seeing the benefit , because instead of venting the gas , you are enclosing it in a system which seems like a potential problem, we have had 2 fires , one very small flash , and one that required a fire extinguisher ,,, and i honestly dont' know what is more dangerous ,, and rigged up system or a can of butane ...personally  i like letting the gas get blown away with the wind now.. 

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forgot to put about the oven ... if you want a good vaccum oven , i suggest across international ,,




they make amazing products , im so happy with mine and they are a great company to work with and all the other rigged up set ups are just doing a poor job trying to do what these do , i agree , start small ,, but don't waste money in between ,, go for the gusto :) 

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