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Planet Green Trees Radio Tonight 8-10 Pm


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Planet Green Trees Radio Tonight 8-10 pm

www.planetgreentrees.com or call 347-326-9626


Great attorney, friend of PGT, and cannabis reform advocate John Targowski was involved in a car accident out West and has sustained injuries. We will be wishing him well, acknowledging his great work and sending him positive vibes throughout the show.


Hosted by attorney Michael Komorn of Komorn Law

and Chad from Birmingham Compassion


Tonight, The Redden Case-


After 1,500 days and untold financial expense, Oakland County settles for misdemeanors in Michigan’s longest-running medical marijuana case. Attorney David Rudoi, of Rudoi Law, and attorney for Torey Clark, co-defendant with Bob Redden, will join us, along with Bob Redden himself, and discuss the history of the case, its significance and how it was ultimately resolved.


Federal POWs from Michigan-


Jerry Duval, convicted in Federal Court for activity permitted under state law, and attorney Thomas Lavigne from The Cannabis Counsel Law Firm in Detroit, will discuss the conflict of state and Federal Law. Also statements from POWs Ryan Basore and Lance Forsberg as they serve the first day of their respective sentences, in Federal prison, also for activity permitted under state law.


Court report from Steve Green of The Human Solution-


Spotlight on The Ohio Rights Group with Kevin Spitler, Toledo area Coordinator.


Michael's rant, current events, news and more!


Contributions from Rick Thompson of The Compassion Chronicles and Jamie Lowell of The 3rd Coast Compassion Center

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