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George W Obama Picture


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I just can't look away lol...... It is so weird...... Amazing job








'George W. Obama' isn't a very comfortable look for the president1 day ago

Karl Rove's in his corner, but Al Gore isn't. So if Barack Obama looks in the mirror, or on the Internet, and doesn't recognize himself, it's no wonder. This creepy mashup of "George W. Obama" went viral after the Huffington Post posted it on the site's front page in the wake of revelations that communications companies have been sharing Americans' phone records with the National Security Agency. And for once, there's more outrage from the left (the ACLU called it "Orwellian") than the right, where a critic like former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer cackles that the president is "vindicating Bush." Obama's plea that "we're going to have some problems here" without trust seems to be true. It looks as if he has one. [Source]

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