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New Bill Would Allow Pesticides On Marijuana In Maine


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New Bill Would Allow Pesticides on Marijuana in Maine

LD 1531, an emergency measure sponsored by Senator Thomas Saviello, passed the House of Representatives on Friday.  It was passed by the Senate on Thursday.  The bill would narrow the rules that have barred medical marijuana growers from using pesticides during growing.

Now, the bill just awaits the signature of Governor Paul LePage before it can go into effect.


The bill was supported by the Department of Health and Human Resources.  On Friday, the DHHS’s director Kennetch Albert, explained, “That particular crop [marijuana] is challenging to grow without pesticides.”  Lifting the ban will help patients be able to access their medicine more easily.


Which pesticides will be allowed are still yet to be determined.  Ones that are expected to be allowed fall under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act because they are deemed virtually harmless.


The lifting of the ban will not give growers free reign to use all pesticides.  The pesticides must be registered for use in Maine and its label must indicate that it can be used on all plants.  Pesticides will be placed under heavier scrutiny if the marijuana will be used in edible products.



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