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Caregiver Never Answers


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I have been a patient for 3 years now. I have always had the same caregiver, I feel as if I am stuck with him because he provides the transportation to the doctors every renewal and he also pays for it as well. However, I only hear from him or deal with him twice a year! Once for card renewal and once when I can actually get a hold of him! The biggest issue is he resides in Pontiac and I reside in Farmington. He makes me pay 100 and no less for him to bring me some meds. I am a single parent living off disability due to make back injury, so I NEVER have an extra 100 bucks to get the pain meds I so desperately need!! I have the last 2 weeks had a hard time even walking because my back is so bad, I called my caregiver at least 15 times and I have left a few messages. He NEVER answers or returns my calls. Am I suppose to be treated this way? Is there anything I can do? I really feel as if he is just using the fact that he is my caregiver to grow plants for him to sell elsewhere!! I get that I mean I do not have a 100 bucks every week to get what I need! Should he be charging me 100 bucks a pop? I am severly confused and in a lot of pain and just wish I could use what I am certified too. Please if you have any advice on what I should do contact me jojoprueter@hotmail.com. 

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Sorry to hear of the problems you are having. First off know that you are not or should not be stuck with any caregiver. You always have the choice to change caregivers. Now whether or not another caregiver will pay for any of the doc visits or renewal depends on the agreement you come to with said caregiver. Also whatever you are being charged depends on the agreement you have with your caregiver or potential caregiver. I can say this that you should not have to try so hard just to get ahold of your caregiver.


If I might ask when you say you pay your caregiver 100 dollars a pop, what is it that you are getting in return for that 100 dollars? There are alot of factors at play. There is no law or rules as to what you and your caregiver agree to but you should not sell yourself short and continue to deal with problems with your caregiver if you are not happy.

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Well there is a problem, in my opinion, if your caregiver is telling you it is an ounce and it is in fact a half ounce. But if it is in fact an ounce then you are getting a phenomenal price, in my opinion, and if it is in fact a half ounce then it is a fair price. That all is of course dependent on quality. Throw in the fact that they pay for renewal sounds like a good deal.


That being said the fact that you cannot get ahold of your caregiver is obviously a problem for you and you should not tolerate it. You should not be in a relationship with a caregiver that you do not feel comfortable with. And of course if your caregiver is telling you one thing and it is another then that should be a deal breaker no matter how good of a deal that it might be. But you should make sure that is the fact about your cg telling you one weight and it being another, as it sounds like you may not be sure.


I know you may not see those prices as good being the financial situation you are in but the prices are either very very good if an ounce and good if a half ounce, in my opinion.......... Do not sell yourself short on communication or anything for that matter with your cg..........

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