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Looking For Caregiver In Lansing


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Hey, first off, I apologize if this is the wrong subforum - but I saw others posting and don't see a dedicated sub. 

My girlfriend just got her certification and is waiting on her card and she's looking for a caregiver. She only smokes when she has migraines (we got in a bad car accident last year) and not often, so she's only looking for a 2-3oz a year. 

The doctor was initially found her one who was going to provide a free Oz a year, which while nice, was more than she needs; they ended up passing on her because of her age (24) apparently. We're new to this, and it sounded kind of bogus to me, because then he found her someone for $150 an oz. right after - seemed like a bait and switch (that was the market rate when I was a teenager 15 years ago before supply blew up, and I've seen significantly lower black market prices). 

She's looking for such a small amount, hoping to get some overages on the cheap from a legal caregiver (we're both students right now, so we're on a budget) from a caregiver who wouldn't have to produce much for her. She's not looking for a free meal (I have friends who are caregivers, but distance is a problem) and know the costs of producing are real, just something budget friendly in small amounts. If that sounds like something you can do, and it's all legit, feel free to send me a message. 

Much appreciated. 


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