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Anyone In The Traverse City Or Kalkaska Area?

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I just arrived here in the Rapid City area to visit my wife's family for the holidays. I'm originally from Seattle, a long time medical marijuana patient, though I've been living in Illinois for the past several years. I am in the process of applying for a medical card under their brand new initiative. I suffer from hepatitis C and epilepsy and require medical marijuana to even maintain an appetite when my hep C is acting up. We flew into TC this time and I won't carry meds on me because of the threat of airport security. I am just seeking, begging for any information while I am here. I thought I could stick it out but I've been feeling ill... could barely touch Christmas dinner. I am not law enforcement and not seeking drama. Discretion is my middle name. I will even introduce you to my wife and kid if that helps verify I am a real human being. :) I hate how my illness makes me a common criminal depending in what state I am in. Whatever you can do, forward my email to a friend who can help, whatever. I apologize for the tone of this email but I am ill and desperate.

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