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Not this ...


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Brothers and Sisters ... not this ... not in our Country ... not in our America

I served 20 years on active duty ... all over the world

"no foreigners" ... bullsyte ... aside from Native Americans we are all "foreigners" ... I'm Irish and German descent ... foreigners ... 

My grandfather was German and told me about seeing the Statue of Liberty as his boat arrived ... in 1910 

Dividing ourselves into smaller groups is counter to the very founding of our Country

Teddy Roosevelt once said something that shouldn't be lost to the ages, should never be lost to Americans

to paraphrase:

"I care nothing for a man's race, creed, or religion, but I regard him as an unworthy citizen unless he is an American and nothing else"

We are all Americans, every race, every nation we have left behind, every faith ... we all seek the same ... to live in harmony with our fellow man ... 

I have seen our Flag flown in some terrible places and every time ... no matter where ... people always stopped and looked at Her in the breeze ... they always knew, that if only for that moment, they saw our Country and it's promise of hope

We put on the uniform, we swore that frightful oath ... "enemies foreign or domestic" ... let us never be that enemy, it is against all those that have paid "the full measure of devotion" to keep our Nation free

I visit my friends graves ... and weep that some of our fellow veterans have never learned what America means ... not only the world, but to us ... Americans

I love you always, my sisters and brother in arms ...

"In God we Trust"

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