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Looking for a Caregiver in Van Buren County?

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am located in Van Buren County and Looking to add 2 more patients to work with.  I've had my MMM Card since 2009.  I have a disease-free grow room.  I start all plants from seed in an organic soil medium so I don't have to worry about diseased clones. I have researched many conditions and ordered seeds accordingly.  I have seven strains growing now.  And I already have several seeds in other strains that I can grow that will be best to treat your condition.  I am willing to work with you to locate the best strain to help you.

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5 hours ago, Queen416 said:

Let me know when you get your card.  We are trying different strains to best suit the condition the patient requires.

(No personal emails in open forums)

Okay, thank you! I’m hoping it will come sometime in March. LARA received my app + money order on the 17th this month, but hadn’t cashed it yet. So, we’ll see. 

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