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Caregiver looking for patients.

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Hello I am a MMMP caregiver looking for patients in the Clio/Montrose area. I can provide you with clean top shelf meds. 

• Accurately dosed edibles 

• Tinctures 

• HCFSE extracts

• High terpen extracts

• Clean top shelf flower

• Distillate


• RSO 





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      Hello I am an experienced caregiver/grower looking for new patients in south west Michigan. I have been providing patients with organically grown, clean, high quality buds for 5 years. I grow a variety of cultivars and will gladly grow a specific one for you. I offer compassionate and discrete service while being respectful of the patient's privacy. I can deliver to a large portion of the state of Michigan, no problem. DM, reply to this post, for more information or if you have any questions. Thank you!
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