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Caregiver looking for patients.

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Hello I am a MMMP caregiver looking for patients in the Clio/Montrose area. I can provide you with clean top shelf meds. 

• Accurately dosed edibles 

• Tinctures 

• HCFSE extracts

• High terpen extracts

• Clean top shelf flower

• Distillate


• RSO 





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    • By Cory Rhoderick
      I am looking to become a caregiver. If you are a patient in need in the Grand Rapids to Big Rapids area please feel free to contact me.
      I have many seeds and varieties of strains ready to grow and can grow a strain you choose. I Currently have Northern Lights available with more on the way. I take pride in my operation and only grow a few plants at a time in an indoor grow tent using a super soil with no harmful chemicals. I put a lot of time into finishing the product properly for optimal flavor and preservation of the flower further preventing any post harvest issues.
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      Sign up here at https://michiganmedicalmarijuana.com/join-the-caregiver-patient-coalition/
    • By RapidRiverReefer
      Hello there, I’m currently a grower in the UP looking for patients to name me their caregiver. I’ve been growing for over a year now painstakingly perfecting my medicine to fully satisfy my patients, I hope I can help any medical patients in need please contact me or reply to this thread! 
      I can provide anything from bud to Concentrates to edibles!
    • By Supremegorgeousone
      Hello, I’m currently a hobbyist grower and ER nurse. I have been researching extensively on the medical benefits of cannabis. I sincerely believe it will slow or stop the growth of many different cancers. I’m upset that it isn’t encouraged more by doctors or offered by doctors. I want to help. I can help you make RSO or make it for you, help you choose and grow plants, give you grow advice, grow for you. My assistance is free for cancer patients. I live south of Kalamazoo outside of the city. Yes it’s free. I want to help.  I’m not rich but I will do whatever I can.
      Please contact poster via private message  private email or other outside links not allowed in open forum .
      if you want to see some of what I do. 

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